Package org.ocleditor.internal.ui.editor

Interface Summary
IOclColorConstants Color constants for the OCL editor.

Class Summary
OclCodeScanner Scans the OCL code and does the syntax highlighting.
OclColorManager Manages the colors that are used in the OCL editor.
OclCommentScanner Scans OCL comments and does the syntax highlighting.
OclCompletionProcessor The OclCompletionProcessor completes only OCL keywords and doesn't consider the context.
OclDocumentProvider Document provider for OCL files.
OclDoubleClickStrategy This class defines the reaction of the OCL text viewer to mouse double click events.
OclEditor The text editor for OCL file resources (IFile with extension "ocl").
OclKeywordDetector This class is used by WordRule.
OclKeywords Represents the keywords list (OCL grammar 1.4).
OclKeywordStrategy Automatically changes keywords to lower case.
OclPartitionScanner Partions the OCL file in the partions "OCL comments" and "OCL code".
OclSourceViewerConfiguration This class configures the look and behaviour of the OCL editor.
OclWhitespaceDetector Determines whether a given character is to be considered as a whitespace.
OclWordPartDetector This class can be used to detect a word part at a given offset.